“The Traveling Man:  Thoughts Over a Cup of Coffee” is a blog that is inspired by life.  It’s simple, true, and raw.  It’s unscripted in the sense that it is real.  It’s purpose is simple:  reach those who are traveling along this road called life.  Let this site and our posts be a pitstop for you on your journey.  Let them provide nourishment and rest for your weary soul.  Rest awhile and then continue your journey.  I hope my words help you find some meaning. 

“The Traveling Man” is a writing extension of our photography organization, Patriot Images.  The mission of our company is to reach the local community and individuals through the use of photography and publications, such as this blog and our podcast.  

Your support, be it financial or by sharing and encouragement, is greatly needed and appreciated.  

To learn more about our nonprofit organization, please visit our website or our Facebook page.



Financial support, no matter how big or small, allows us to continue reaching those within our local communities. Our primary focus is on the veteran, homeless, and disabled communities across New York State.




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A Story About A Pool Turning Point

Pools are a great thing to have. They are also, or can be, a lot of work and stressful. This is a story of my pool, my experience in getting it ready for this summer, and what I learned about life. Support this podcast
  1. A Story About A Pool
  2. Turning Point
  3. This Time of Year

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